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Our design development is base on ease navigation and a better exploral and navigation. With this desire, we believe our aim of making the website accessible to all is being achieve.

Here are just some of the ways we’ve designed this site to make it more accessible:


Our images are well label with description of then tagged on them.


We make use of external styling file (Stylesheets) for easy way tyo change the preview of the website any time and faster.


We use header elements to structure the pages and make information clearer.


Our colour is simple and decent, we make us of two color all over as our uniform color and so other color description use to describe an event.


The text on the website is been style as major text size which we believe it will be easier to read and access most of the time and easily, also the text size can be change through your browser.


There are several ways to navigate our site – a search engine, navigation bar and sitemap. 

To find out more about this website and accessibility or to report a problem you have found when trying to access this site, please email contacts@IIIM.org. We’ll fix any problems as soon as we can.


Changing Font Size


Below are the steps which can be of aid to change the text size on web browsers. 

Internet Explorer users

Select View > Text Size.

Firefox users 

Select View > Text Size > Increase Font/Decrease Font, or use the keyboard shortcut by pressing Ctrl and + to increase the text size, or - to decrease the text size. Ctrl and 0 returns you to the default size.

Safari users 

Select View and click on the options Make Text Bigger or Make Text Smaller. You can also use the following shortcut keys: Apple and + or Apple and -.

Opera users

Select View > Preferences > Fonts and change Minimum Font Size (pixels).


Browser Compatibility


IIIM give level but two of the level are real compatibility of our website with web browser and operating system. Level 3 is unsupported.

Level 1

Our website will conform to all features of the designs and specifications when the end-users browser is being operated with its default settings (default text size, JavaScript enabled, CSS enabled, images enabled).

Level 2

Our website will provide all content; look and feel will largely match designs and specifications, however, small differences which do not affect the technical ability to use the website are expected; enhanced behaviours (normally provided through scripting) may not be available.

Level 3

Unsupported; look and feel may be impeded from the designs and specifications. This means that Level 3 browser and operating system combinations are not specifically considered during the User Experience, design and technical development processes.



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